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TRY The Leading Screen Capture, Screen Recorder and Demo Creation Tool

DemoCharge is the essential tool for creating animated demos for use in Web content, emails, tutorials, and training and help materials. Capture your use of any application or desktop activity you perform. When recording is complete, DemoCharge instantly creates demos based on your actions in DemoGIF (animated GIF) format - including all visible movements of the mouse.

Since no technical experience is required, DemoCharge enables anybody to create high-impact animated demos in minutes ? from the casual computer user to technical support, to sales and marketing, and the skilled developer. The user categories and applications of the product include:

Casual computer user:

  • Demonstrate difficult to explain support issues by retracing your actions and capturing the precise steps with an animation that clearly shows the steps leading to the problem. Send the demo to support via email for guaranteed results.
  • Quickly create office demos to answer those ?how do I? questions about Word, Excel, and other common applications. Email the compact DemoCharge animation to the entire office.
  • Email your friends with detailed visual explanations showing computer use tips and secrets.
  • Add excitement to your personal Web site with dynamic content.

Technical support, sales and marketing:

  • Convey the value of your company?s products, services, or Web site through DemoCharge?s powerful animated demonstrations.
  • Replace difficult written instruction in a knowledge base, tutorial, or help materials with easy to follow demonstrations that visually answer the question at hand.
  • Easily email or publish online or offline DemoCharge animations to answer FAQ?s and avoid costly phone support.
  • Train new customers with demonstrations that truly "show-and-tell".


  • Create animated demos that concentrate on key software features or simulate common tasks.
  • Create animated tutorials and documentation that familiarizes users and helps them quickly get started with your application.
  • Stop trying to describe bugs. Accurately and instantly capture bug behavior and email the animated demo to colleagues for fast resolution.
  • Express your vision and share software ideas with quick mock-ups demos.

DemoCharge includes powerful features to produce animated demos that save time and have a huge learning impact by replacing words with effective visual information. File sizes are small enough to email, publish on the Web or include in offline documentation and Help files. So stop explaining and start demonstrating with DemoCharge!


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