YesSoftware Transforms Web Application Development With Debut of CodeCharge Studio

High-End Web Development Tool Reduces Coding Barriers by Enabling Rapid Creation of Advanced Data-Driven Web Applications

Software Development Conference and Expo, San Jose, Calif. - April 24, 2002 - YesSoftware today announced the public beta availability of CodeCharge Studio, its award-winning Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. CodeCharge Studio unites the code generation strengths of CodeCharge 2.0 with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and powerful application-generation wizards to further speed the development of dynamic database-driven applications. CodeCharge Studio also brings database-connectivity and multi-platform code-generation capabilities to Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe GoLive users.

YesSoftware is demonstrating CodeCharge Studio at the Software Development Exposition April 23-25 at the San Jose Convention Center (Booth #1216). A beta version of the product is immediately available for download free of charge from the Web site at

CodeCharge Studio automatically generates customizable code in all popular server-side programming languages including ASP.NET/C#, ASP, Java, PHP, ColdFusion and Perl. The software includes a full-featured IDE with a visual HTML design interface and HTML and code editors, drag-and-drop components, a code generation engine and a unique "Power Wizard" that is capable of converting dozens of database tables into a working Web applications in under a minute. CodeCharge Studio also supports Adobe GoLive and is available as an Add-In for FrontPage, transforming it into full-featured Web development tool.

CodeCharge studio has already scored high marks with beta testers. "CodeCharge Studio is the new paradigm for software development and we are truly excited about its potential," said Sebastian Szulc, VP of products at UltraApps. "The code it generates follows industry-wide best practices - or even improves on them. During a week spent with the initial version of CodeCharge Studio we created an Intranet system that could have easily take five-times as long if programmed manually - cutting our development time by at least 80%."

When working with CodeCharge Studio, users specify the application's interactions, logic and data sources through intuitive point-and-click wizards to rapidly create, test and manage complex Web applications and enterprise systems. Users have full access to the generated program code and can modify it freely.

"Speed and ease-of-use are crucial success factors in Web application development," said Konrad Musial, CEO of YesSoftware. "CodeCharge Studio provides a flexible, robust environment that is very intuitive and powerful enough to support highly complex requirements. And, by working with companies like Microsoft and Adobe, we are extending powerful database-connectivity features to thousands of developers within the development environments they are already familiar with, so they can quickly and easily turn their Web sites into compelling applications."

CodeCharge Studio is fully extensible via HTML, JavaScript, XML and XSL, enabling users to customize the user interface and design and share custom components. Other powerful features include numerous pre-built business applications and two-way coding - allowing the developer to preserve modified code during subsequent code generations. Users also can change the programming language at any time, making their solutions platform- and language-independent.

In separate announcements made today, YesSoftware extended the reach of its premier code generation tool with the announcement of an Add-In for Microsoft FrontPage and support for Adobe GoLive. The new integrations add database-connectivity and rapid code generation components to FrontPage and GoLive, allowing users to quickly and easily build powerful, interactive, database-enabled Web applications.

Pricing and Availability
The beta-version of CodeCharge Studio is available as of today. For more detailed information on the features and benefits, to download the beta version of CodeCharge Studio or to view Screenshots of CodeCharge Studio please visit the YesSoftware Web site at General availability of CodeCharge Studio is expected in May 2002 for $ 499.95, with an introductory offer of $ 279.95 through the end of July.

Microsoft FrontPage users can learn more about CodeCharge Studio Add-In for FrontPage at

Adobe GoLive users can learn how to use CodeCharge Studio with GoLive at

Macromedia DreamWeaver users can learn how to use CodeCharge Studio with DreamWeaver at

About YesSoftware
Founded in 2000, YesSoftware develops and markets rapid application development (RAD) tools based on its advanced code-generation technology. YesSoftware products enable developers to dramatically accelerate the Web development process and create powerful database-connected Web applications - within a fraction of the time and cost. The company's products include CodeCharge 2.0, released in February 2001, and CodeCharge Studio, a high-end authoring tool for online applications that incorporates the CodeCharge code generation engine, due in May 2002. 

Thousands of enterprise users, consultants, students, and teachers use YesSoftware products to create Intranets, Extranets and data-driven Web applications, including interfaces to legacy systems. Current customers include Sony, AT&T, IBM, Compaq, Xerox, Datek, Level3, I2, TRW, Ikea, Cisco, 3COM, Dell, Kerr-McGee, NASA, US Navy, US Military, various universities, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other companies large and small.

YesSoftware is a privately held company based in South San Francisco, California. YesSoftware sells its products worldwide through its Web site and reseller partners. For more information, please visit, or call (650) 754-9810.

Contact (Public Relations):

Marcus Hopper
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Vance Christensen
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