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Blazing speed and great code

"I have found that products like UltraDev and MS Visual InterDev don't hold a candle to the blazing speed with which I can create reliably coded sites using CodeCharge. And because CodeCharge has ready-made functions embedded into the common and template ASP files, I can comfortably scale down time spent in testing. I know my CodeCharge functions will work every time."

Imran Zaidi, Web Developer
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Fast, easy-to-use and supports complex applications

"Speed and reusability are crucial success factors in web application development. CodeCharge provides both, in a flexible, robust environment that is very easy to use, but powerful enough to support highly complex requirements."

Andrew Farrell, President
Gravitymax - based in Sydney Australia

Focus on delivering solutions,instead of code

"CodeCharge allows me to focus on delivering solutions, instead of code. I use it to create full-blown data driven Web applications for our intranet in days. CodeCharge is a real time-saver."

Richard Kimball, Software Engineer
Goodrich Fuel & Utility Systems

Easy-of-use and flexibility delivers great productivity

"I looked for a product for about a year, but didn't find anything that combined CodeCharge's ease-of-use with its power and flexibility. The product just keeps getting better. My latest creation is 56,000+ lines of php/html/javascript code - with less than 5% hand-coded. This site was developed and the content loaded in less than one month and the majority of that time was used for the acquiring and loading of the content."

"My initial goal was to offer credit card, loan, and debt consolidation links, but when I saw how easy CodeCharge made that, I expanded the site to a full blown shopping portal. The administration of the site is a snap, adding content is a breeze and the user community is a great asset. I highly recommend CodeCharge. Two thumbs UP!"

Don Safar, President
Insight Consulting Group

The programmer's secret weapon for speed

"I believe CodeCharge is one great RAD tool that any developer cannot afford to miss. This tool really is a booster for the developer who is always expected to dish out new web solutions at jet speed!"

Mohsin Mirza, Web Analyst & Developer
Visteon Corporation

Cuts development time from weeks to days

"CodeCharge cuts Web application development time from weeks to days. If my potential customers knew how easy it is to web enable a database with CodeCharge they wouldn't need me. I have had compliments on how neat and readable my code is and little do they know, CodeCharge did it all for me. shhh! CodeCharge is the ultimate tool for database-enabled Web application development."

Dennis Baggott, Owner
LN Software

Awesome speed and productivity

"CodeCharge has enabled me to develop Web applications in a matter of days that would have taken weeks or months to do by hand. I have intermediate skill in ColdFusion and SQL, entry-level skill in PHP, and almost no skill with ASP, yet I have been able to successfully generate applications in all three languages with ease. The code has worked beautifully, and is far better than I could have done myself. But if I need to customize the code, I still can. The documentation and customer support have also been excellent. I can't imagine returning to hand coding. If you are still coding by hand, do yourself a favor and try CodeCharge - you won't regret it."

Kelly D. Carter
Mercer University

Powerful and comprehensive tool

"CodeCharge is a powerful and comprehensive tool. CodeCharge allows us to leverage the technical skills of our programmers and build key database-driven Web applications without getting into the code. We particularly like the security features of CodeCharge."

Lieutenant Ben Kavoussi
Army Medical Department

Professional code and flexible!

"CodeCharge alleviates the need to understand the complexity of the languages it implements. At the same time, it produces very readable code, using well-structured standard techniques, which allow you to manually customize the code with ease." "One of the biggest benefits to me is using CodeCharge as a learning tool - producing an application within CodeCharge, then looking at the code to see how it was achieved and comparing the different language solutions - brilliant! Lastly, but importantly, it seems to be the only product that works with the both market leaders - PHP and ASP - instead of rooting for one or the other. Both are excellent languages, and each has its own place. To provide the flexibility of both is a shrewd move - and more inline with the needs of a Web developer than a software company."

Paul Coughlin, Information Systems Consultant
Paul Coughlin Limited

A rad RAD tool - easy-to-use, multi-lan-guage support and FAST

"CodeCharge is an amazing product! In terms of code generation, CodeCharge is leading the way with its ease-of-use and support for multiple programming languages. Here in Holland people are quickly becoming aware that CodeCharge is a great RAD tool - especially for the price - when compared to Oracle and others. We recently won a development project for a Balanced Scorecard over the Oracle team who was using Oracle's Scorecard application. It is really blasting fast!"

Marco Groeneveld

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